Photo By: Jeremy Charles
Brian Capps
While pursuing his solo career, Capps stays connected to his musical roots by entertaining audiences
Branson On The Road.  

Branson On The Road showcases classic country music in the same fashion as the Grand Ole Opry
and the Louisiana Hayride.  Audiences fill historic theatres, performing arts centers, dinner playhouses
and special event centers throughout the USA to experience the show which has been dubbed by the
city of Branson, MO as a "travelling ambassador for Branson."  Branson On The Road is seen
nationally on the RFD-TV program "Midwest Country" in over 130 million homes each month.

Branson On The Road host Debbie Horton declares that Capps is “singing country music the way it
ought to be sung.”
Brian Capps “smashes the barriers between country, rock, blues,
and rockabilly,” declares music critic Roy Kasten. His music
“blends traditional country and early rock ‘n’ roll...The results
transcend mere honky-tonk or rockabilly catchiness,” writes
editor at large, Kevin Renick, of Playback St. Louis. Capps, a
resident of Lebanon, Missouri, is one of the most vital musical
artists to emerge from the thriving Ozark music scene.

A growing fan base is responding to this charismatic singer,
songwriter and performer whose versatility is astonishing. Capps
defies stereotypes, as he plays music clubs, casino stages,
theatres, festivals, and Opry shows. He is committed to keeping
the classics alive while bringing fresh new music to life. The
result? He can play a rock `n’ roll club on Friday and a country
theatre on Saturday and you will find fans of all ages from all
walks of life lining up for both shows.

“There’s not a person who’s seen his show out here who doesn’t
like him,” observed former Cherokee Casino entertainment
manager, Rusti Love, during an interview for Tulsa World. She
explained, “He’s one heck of a performer. You get there and you
can’t leave. He’s that good”
Brian Capps
Capps began his musical career in 1993 when he co-founded The Domino Kings with guitarist Steve Newman. During
the next eight years he performed, wrote, and contributed his music to the band’s first two widely acclaimed CDs,
Lonesome Highway (1999) and Life & 20 (2000), while developing his own distinctive voice and style.

Capps has since embarked on an exciting solo career, with his debut solo release, Walk Through Walls (2005
HighTone Records; produced by Lou Whitney), receiving rave reviews. NPR’s Fresh Air featured one such review by
Ken Tucker. Following a sound clip Tucker remarked, “That's Brian Capps who's just released his first solo album since
leaving The Domino Kings. I don't want to know the possibly sad details of his departure, not when the leave-taking has
brought forth such good music as this...” Playback’s Renick praised Walls as a collection of “classic songcraft
performed with fire in the eye...a heady tonic for listeners who like their Americana with a little bite.” Capps released his
cover album, Trains, Chains, and Buried Pains, in September 2008 and is currently working on his sophomore release.
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