"...Capps can cure what ails you. His unique brand of vibrant, infectious
Americana goes down so smoothly and consists of such pure ingredients,
it could almost qualify as alternative medicine... "
— Kevin Renick,  PLAYBACK:stl
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"Brian Capps’ “Walk Through Walls” mixes hardcore honky-tonk, rockabilly
and even a little gospel music, resulting in a particularly impressive solo
debut...Capps has what it takes to be a breakout talent."
— Daniel Durchholz,  St. Louis Post Dispatch
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"...Capps can write and sing songs that come off like classic country
anthems. "I Wouldn't Say That's Living," with D. Clinton Thompson's searing
guitar work leading the way, should come with a patch of hardwood floor
it's so deliriously danceable."
— Andy Turner,  The Country Standard Time
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"But best of the bunch is honky-tonk cowboy Brian Capps' smart, punchy
and image-rich set of twang rock, "Walk Through Walls."
— Jonathan Takiff,  The Philadelphia Daily News
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"He turns “Dark As A Dungeon” into a stutter-shuffle, then echoes gospel
on Rodney Crowell’s “Standing On A Rock” and his own “God Knows Why”,
which closes this damned-by-Saturday-night cycle with a convincing
glimpse of a restorative Sunday Morning."
— Roy Kasten,  No Depression
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"I see/hear Brian Capps as an antidote of Truth/REAL to what's been taking
over in Nashville... Brian Capps' "Walk Through Walls" is outstanding
enough to warrant inclusion in REAL BLUES just as Willie Nelson or Hank
Williams would be covered for their Blues-of-another-color."
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Sauce Magazine April 2007
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NPR  (August 18, 2005)
Fresh Air: Ken Tucker

Ken Tucker reviewed new CDs by "Big Noise From Springfield" artists The
Domino Kings and Brian Capps on NPR's "Fresh Air."  Following a sound
clip from Brian Capps' CD Walk Through Walls, Tucker remarks, That's Brian
Capps who's just released his first solo album since leaving The Domino
Kings. I don't want to know the possibly sad details of his departure, not
when the leave-taking has brought forth such good music as this..."

Riverfront Times (June 22, 2005)
Roy Kasten

Brian Capps and the True Liars --
Friday, June 24; Venice Cafe`

"...on his upcoming Walls, the ex-Domino King smashes the barriers
between country, rock, blues and rockabilly with his Cash-like, but entirely
unaffected, baritone. He sings of betrayal, evil and living to tear up the
honky tonks another day. In fact, he's bringing the True Liars (a.k.a. Lou
Whitney and the Morells) with him live. They'll kick the shit and kick out the
jams and rock you till your bootheels beg for mercy."  

The Associated Press  (July 24, 2005)
Nick Cristiano

Brian Capps is no longer a Domino King, but he still retains an affinity for
classic country. Although his album and the Kings were produced by the
Morells’ Lou Whitney, he establishes his own identity as he delivers
strong originals including “The Bottom” and “I Wouldn’t Say That’s Living,”
plus songs by Merle Travis and Rodney Crowell, in an engaging low tenor.
Photo By : Kim Dampier
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